Drop Shipping

You can save money and time by allowing us to ship directly to your customer. They'll get the product faster and fresher, and why ship it twice?

Private Labeling

We'll put your logo on the label, your packing list on the box, and your customer will think good thoughts about you. Save time and money - let us handle the bottling and shipping. 

Custom Bag Design and Manufacturing

With a complete machine shop, we manufacture our own bag dies and systems. We can make a prototype of your idea quickly, and often be in production in a matter of days.

International Documentation

We will prepare at no charge your airbill, commercial invoice, USDA Export Certificate, and other documents needed for swift customs clearance.

Worldwide Express Delivery

For every destination, for every size package, there is an ideal way to get it there. We'll do the research and select the best method: air cargo, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

140 Language Interpretation

Most international business can be conducted efficiently by fax. However, some issues can best be resolved by a phone call, and language is often a barrier. To assist our international clients, we can have an interpreter on the phone within 60 seconds of your call. We also have a translation service for fax correspondence, technical papers and instructions.

Standing Orders

Need 100ml of rabbit blood the first Wednesday of every month? We'll remember for you, and make sure it ships out on time, every time. Many of our customers rely on us to send their order weekly, monthly or at other intervals. And you're always welcome to call and modify the order up until the day before it's scheduled to be shipped. Call Kris or Jim to set up your order.

Blanket Purchase Orders

You're also welcome to give us a purchase order and then draw from it when you need to place an order. You can even let us know who's authorized to order and have multiple POs to different addresses.