What do I need to place an order?

All we need is billing and shipping information, purchase order or credit card, and what you would like and when. We offer a complimentary $250 line of credit to established institutions to make ordering easier. And there is no minimum order with HemoStat!

How fast can I get a product?

If you order before noon (west coast US) time, we can ship our standard items out same day for next day delivery.

Do you do drop shipments?

Yes, we can ship to practically anywhere you desire. We can also store multiple ship-to addresses for your account to make repeat orders easier.

Do you ship to international locations?

Yes, we currently ship to dozens of non-US clients. HemoStat Labs is approved by the USDA as compliant with the European Union Regulations (EC) 1069/2009 and (EU) 142/2011. We will prepare at no charge your airbill, commercial invoice, USDA Export Certificate, and other documents needed for swift customs clearance.

What type of pre-shipment testing is done on your products?

We test every lot of blood for sterility, and can provide results when we ship on test. We also measure packed cell volume for defibrinated products.

What is the expiration date (shelf life) of my blood?

The expiration date is printed on the product label. It is typically 14 days for fresh blood and one year for frozen products. These are conservative estimates, and your application may have a different requirement.