HemoStat Laboratories is the trusted source of quality animal blood products for cell culture, diagnostic manufacturing and medical device applications. With over 40 years of experience supplying industry leading medical technology companies, laboratories and universities, we strive to offer the best product at the lowest prices.

Why Hemostat

We’re proud to offer zero-day lead times, far surpassing other delivery times on the market, with dedicated support and expertise from our team. more>

A Better Service Model

Our unique approach to the supply chain has allowed us to bring constant attention to efficiency, quality control and animal welfare. more>


We ensure superior sourcing, collection and quality via our suite of proprietary processes, techniques and exhaustive training from a seasoned leadership team. more>


Our animal blood products are aseptically collected from healthy animals of US origin, including defibrinated blood, serum/plasma, whole blood in anticoagulant, washed red cells and laked blood. more>