About Hemostat

HemoStat Laboratories provides sterile animal blood products for biomedical research, including cell culture, diagnostic and medical device applications.

With decades of experience, we are a leader in the industry, having revolutionized processes, efficiencies and quality control in animal blood products. We are led today by the original team that built HemoStat from the ground up decades ago. Our quest for constant innovation and deep knowledge in the field has helped us serve thousands of partners and leaders in the biomedical and microbiological industries.

Why HemoStat

At HemoStat, we think critically on how to serve the biologic industry, constantly engineering to ensure we meet the highest level of efficiency, quality control and animal welfare. This attention to process makes it possible for us to be a direct source of animal blood products with a zero-day lead time, saving our clients time and money.

We work with each client as a partner. Whether your needs are simple and straightforward, or require more flexibility, we’ll work closely with you to develop unique solutions, provide research, ship on a consistent schedule or handle special projects that will ultimately meet your needs.

A Better Service Model

HemoStat Laboratories is the oldest producer and distributor of animal blood products in the United States. When Gordon Murphy and Jim McElligott founded HemoStat, they saw an instant opportunity to better serve the biomedical industry’s blood product supply. Over the last 40 years, we have developed a model that has revolutionized the market by:

  • Building relationships with well-respected animal owners and growers, taking away the cost of maintaining a herd. We also pushed the envelope on developing collection techniques and systems that were effective, safe and humane for the animals.
  • Working through a long list of regulatory requirements that would allow us to serve clients and export animal products all over the world. Our two USDA-approved facilities in California and Colorado are compliant with European Union Regulations (EC) 1069/2009 and (EU) 142/2011.
  • Designing and manufacturing our own collection equipment, allowing us to develop proprietary techniques, while constantly iterating and improving where we can.
  • Manufacturing our own collection and pooling bags, which allows us to be flexible to clients’ needs and keep costs low.

This model has powered HemoStat’s leadership in the field, and continues to do so today.


HemoStat Laboratories’ entire operation—sourcing, collection, and processing—happens within our own team. Our unique, thoughtfully developed process is what sets us apart in the market for animal blood products and includes:

Quality System

Over the last 40 years, we have fine-tuned our system from start to finish to deliver a process that runs at a consistent, measurable standard. All HemoStat animal blood products are tested for hemolysis, color, and sterility. We maintain extensive blood history records to ensure traceability.

Expert Methodology

Our refined collection process was developed by our own team, from technique to our own custom collection bags. We are always evaluating these procedures to improve and ensure we are maximizing our volume and minimizing time to get it to our clients, all while adhering to rigorous quality standards.


We have developed long-term relationships with the most respected and experienced animal owners and growers. These trusted partnerships, combined with facilities in both California and Colorado, allow us to handle seasonal and environmental changes without disrupting our clients’ needs.


We are led by a seasoned management team, including our founders who built HemoStat Laboratories 40 years ago. Our team goes through constant training and auditing to make sure they are adhering to HemoStat’s techniques, which were developed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and quality.