HemoStat’s animal blood products are aseptically collected fresh from healthy, donor animals of U.S. origin by our own team of trained technicians. Free of medications and antibiotics, tested for sterility and screened to ensure consistent quality, our animal blood products include:

Defibrinated Blood

Our defibrinated blood products are aseptically drawn from healthy, donor animals of U.S. origin. Blood is mechanically defibrinated without anticoagulants or other additives. All material is screened prior to being pooled for color, PCV and hemolysis. Standard micro testing is performed on all finished pools and results are sent upon request. This product ships on gel ice and should be stored at 2-8C. See all defibrinated blood products.


All serum and plasma are aseptically collected from healthy donor animals of U.S. origin. Serums are available in raw form or sterile filtered. Aliquots range from 125ml to bulk jugs of 3.5L. This product ships frozen on gel ice and should be stored at -30C. Dry ice available upon request. Volume discounts are available. See all serum and plasma products.

Whole Blood in Anticoagulant

Our standard anticoagulants include alsevers (50/50), sodium citrate (90/10) or heparin (3 iu/ml). Other anticoagulants (EDTA, CPDA, etc.) and special ratios or concentrations are available by request. See all whole blood products.

Washed Red Cells

Washed cells are made from whole blood washed with 0.9% sterile isotonic saline by a manual method to remove the majority of plasma proteins, antibodies and electrolytes. The remaining red cells are then resuspended 50/50 in a saline solution. See all washed red cell products.

Laked Blood

Laked blood is subjected to at least three complete freeze-and-thaw cycles to fully lyse cells. Finished products are tested and aliquoted in volumes from 50mls to 9 liters. This product ships frozen on gel ice and should be used immediately or stored at -30C. See all laked blood products.